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Unpainted Hopi Kachina, 7.25" x 2.25" x 2.25" (K1336)


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K1335 and K1336 can be purchased together for $1,200. Date unknown; originally collected this piece in 1964. Acquired from a private collection in Mississippi / Pennsylvania / Arizona. The owner had inherited a collection from his father and grandfather. The grandfather had attended the Carlisle School in Pennsylvania when it had changed to a military school and no longer an Indian boarding school. He also served during World War I and World War II. He came to the southwest due to his asthma and had connections to the Hopi through his Christian church. He moved to Ganado, Arizona in 1931, and his son (the owner's father) attended the Ganado high school on the reservation for one year. Afterwards, they moved back to Pennsylvania, and the son finished his senior year. The grandfather owned the Troutman department stores in western Pennsylvania, and the trip to Ganado was a year-long break from the business. The father later enjoyed visiting the southwest again and spent a lot of time in the Canyon de Chelly. In the 1980s, the father and mother retired to Tucson, Arizona. His father worked as an administrator in college student Christian work. In 1990, the owner inherited their belongings along with his siblings. DISCLAIMER ON ALL KACHINAS WHEN BEING SHIPPED: Due to the fragile nature of kachina dolls, we do not guarantee they will not break during shipping. We do our best to pack them well, but due to their fragile nature and even with the best packing, small pieces can break. If you are purchasing kachina dolls, please keep this in mind. Kachina dolls may have missing accoutrements, repaired limbs, or broken parts. You are welcome to contact us to review their condition.
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