Juan Lorenzo Hubbell, a leading trader in the early Navajo rug period, owned several trading posts on the Navajo reservation, notably the trading posts at Ganado, AZ and Klagetoh, AZ. While Navajo rugs from the Ganado region are perhaps the more well-known, those woven at Klagetoh are some of the most popular of all Navajo rug designs. Klagetoh rugs tend to have grey backgrounds with a large central diamond motif often woven in red, black, and white. (This color palette is similar to those used in Ganado rugs, though Ganado Navajo rugs tend to be predominately red in color, with black, grey, and white used in the central motifs.) Klagetoh rugs are highly collectible due to their intricacy and aesthetic appeal and continue to be made to this day.

A Klagetoh rug is a regional style of Navajo rug woven in the area of Klagetoh, AZ. This distinct style of rug features predominantly grey homespun background and featuring large, central motifs in red, white, and black. The Klagetoh trading post was owned by Juan Lorenzo Hubbell, who also owned the Ganado trading post in Arizona as well as a large warehouse in the Winslow, AZ region. Hubbell encouraged the Klagetoh weavers by buying the rugs that featured the evolving Klagetoh style. Over the years, weavers in the region have continued making rugs in this style, expanding the complexity and color palette used.

Foremost, a Klagetoh rug will have a large central motif - typically in a diamond shape. This center shape is often woven in red, black, or white and will feature an intricate serrated, hooked, or otherwise ornamented edge. Klagetoh rugs usually have a background of grey homespun, which creates a pleasing visual foundation for the complex central design element.
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Native American Navajo Rugs: How to identify Rugs from the Ganado and Klagetoh Trading Posts

Native American Navajo Rugs: How to identify Rugs from the Ganado and Klagetoh Trading Posts