Kliewer, Susan

Susan Kliewer - Julian (Monumental) - PRICE ON REQUEST


Additional Information

  • Medium: Bronze
  • Edition: 12
  • Size: 94'' x 48'' x 48''

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"Julian began his pottery-making career in 1907, with the archaeological excavation on the Pajarito Plateau, a short distance from his home, the San Ildefonso Pueblo. He and his wife, Maria, were asked to reproduce some of the vessels from the site. Thus began their now-legendary story. Julian worked with the yucca brush, painting designs on Maria's pots. Being a perfectionist and an innovator, he was always searching for new ideas in technique and design. Soon, they were creating masterpieces. By their example, Maria and Julian were the key figures in leading a pottery revival thru the Southwestern pueblos." - Susan Kliewer

Susan Kliewer - Julian (Monumental)
Susan Kliewer - Julian (Monumental) - PRICE ON REQUEST Susan Kliewer - Julian (Monumental) Susan Kliewer - Julian (Monumental) - PRICE ON REQUEST
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