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Carol Alleman - The Seed


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Exhibted at the 2013 Blanche Ames Juried Exhibit, Ames Mansion, Borderland State Park, Sharon, MA. Original Poetry and Certificate of Authenticity included with Bronze.

The acorn is the small seed of the mighty oak and a beautiful metaphor for the ultimate Core and Power of every being. We too, are seeds of a far-reaching source and power, which are far greater than a human body alone. Every choice we make becomes a seed of something far larger.

The power of even the smallest kindness brings a far-reaching rippling effect that we may or may not readily see. Not every acorn becomes the mighty oak tree. Many become food for others, nourishment for our soil and less obvious reminders of our Divine intentions while no loses purposeful.

In its season, every living thing goes to seed and in its dying - its seeding - engenders yet a new seed. No matter where we blow, where we go, we are indeed contributing to something much larger and nourishing the earth and its beings - a contribution growing well beyond our season to walk this earth. Unlike the acorn, we can easily and quickly forget who we truly are and the powers we naturally hold.

When we act from a deep and authentic awareness of our true essence, a great power is born and we are acutely reminded of our true Core, which is that place where we stand in awe knowing we are truly a vital, potent creation of the Divine. In our responses, we are called back to this profound remembrance and the beautiful, abundant circle unfolds once more. An acorn is fully seen and fully realized and so are we.

Might you take time to ask yourself what seeds are sprouting in and around your life this season? May you notice even one small acorn today and be reminded of the Truth and Power of who you truly are and who we all truly are.

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