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The creation of fetishes, effigies, and talismans goes back to the earliest evidence of mankind. The compulsion to make aesthetic objects displays the creative spark that distinguished Homo sapiens from Neanderthals; it is a unique providence of the human mind. First expressed in stone carvings and cave wall paintings from the Paleolithic Period, it has continued throughout the centuries and across all cultures. When mankind is in tune with the natural environment, he is acutely aware of the strengths inherent in other species in order to learn useful survival skills . . . such as the bear for finding healing herbs, the coyote for clever prowess, the deer for evasive tactics. By creating their likeness, the recreation becomes the physical embodiment for the particular characteristic the animal symbolizes for the maker. And, as every creature has its unique qualities, so have other elements such as stone, feather and bone, which when added to the fetish increases its significance. The object then has become the recipient vessel of the energy given it, spiritual liaison for the bearer, containing the energy. This magic spark can then be called upon when needed, whether it be courage, fortitude, clarity in vision or healing powers. As an extension of this most primal understanding that goes back to the very roots of our being, I feel that all objects of art contain an energy endowed by it's maker. It is this very mystery I wished to explore in this body of work, and encourage viewers to contemplate. It is partly influenced by those contemporary artists who have reminded me of these mysterious corners of my mind, but mostly by the ancients whose brilliance fascinates and inspires me above all, and on whose shoulders we all stand.

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