Navajo Turquoise and Sandcast Silver Bracelet c. 1900s, size 6.5 (J7094)


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73g, 1.125" bandwidth, size 6.5 to include a gap of 0.875". Collected by a nurse, name unknown, who lived in Albuquerque New Mexico during the 1930-60s. Trained in the east, the lure of the west called her to New Mexico. She travelled as far south as Mexico in a Model-T with her friends, an adventurous spirit unbound by eastern societal norms. She had no children and never married. She worked with the first astronaut trainees at Nellis. She lived well into her 90s. Includes a copy of a picture taken of the nurse in the late 1930s or early 1940s, draped in great Native jewelry.
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