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Navajo Turquoise and Coral Hand Made Heishi Necklace with Joclas c. 1930s, 28" length (J12723)

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131g, 28" length, plus 4.5" joclas. "Jocla" is the Navajo word for "ear string." It is sometimes also spelled "jacla" or "joclah." The Navajo and Pueblo natives would often wear all their jewelry for safekeeping on their person. Their extra "ear strings" or earrings, were often tied to the bottom of their necklaces. Later, this evolved into a necklace style. In this necklace, the joclas were intentionally added as pendants. The word "heishi" means "shell," although today it is often used to describe the cut style of beads which are small, flat, disc-shapes. It is not uncommon to hear the phrase "coral heishi," for example. Included in the show "Objects of Art Santa Fe 2022."
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