Mexican Sinaloa Leather Mochila on Old Skin-Tanned Saddle Tree with Horsehair Reins and Navajo Double Saddle Blanket on Custom Metal Stand c. 1880s, 35" x 27" x 30" (M92323A-1021-001)

PRODUCT # M92323A-1021-001

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Includes skin-tanned saddle tree and horsehair reins from the mid-20th century, which sits on a contemporary custom metal stand. (44.5" total height with custom stand) The horsehair reins measure 119" total length. The Navajo saddle blanket dates from the 1930-40s. It measures 55" x 27", and is in fair condition, with significant weft wear, allowing some warps to peek through. There are several ethnographic holes near the center, as well as the corners and edges. The warp count is 8, and the weft count is 32, per inch. The saddle is in good condition. There is some surface wear, stiffness, and craquelure. There is a small 0.75" horizontal tear, as well as some slight separation to the stitches to the top of the saddle. Acquired from a private collection in Arizona. The owner has authorized us to lower the price from $1,995 to $1,675. This is a wonderful collecting opportunity.
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