Fred Fellows - In the Path of the Iron Horse (PLV90629-0214-001)

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Oil on Linen


37 by 61 inches framed. Artist comments: The Indians called the trains 'Iron Horse' and the tracks 'Iron Road'. When the railroad tracks were first laid down in the west, the telegraph lines were not set up and wouldn't be for some years. So, if a train derailed there was no way to let anyone know or get anyone to put it back on the track. There were anywhere between 10 million and 60 million buffalo in the West and if they crossed the path of the train, it had to stop and wait, sometimes for hours until all of the buffalo had crossed. This is No.11 Union Pacific. It is a 640 Engine with 6 drive wheels and 2 support wheels on either side of the front end of the engine. Engine car is out in front with the tinder right behind it. The first car is 1/2 passenger and 1/2 baggage with the next two cars for passengers. The last car had bunks and a stove to cook on and all of the cars had a pot-belly stove for warmth....
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