x SOLD Datz, Stephen C. - Each But Once in a Lifetime

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Oil on Canvas Board


Published on page 119 of Western Art Collector, January 2020 issue. "This piece is from a remote area southwest of Grand Junction known as Glade Park. It is a very unique and lovely place, sparsely populated and comprised of a mix of public land and very large ranches, with outcrops of sandstone and shallow canyons throughout. It also has big skies, and on this particular evening the sky was just magical. We get some great sunsets in western Colorado but even by our standards the colors and shapes in this sky were exceptional. The title derives from a conversation I had with a fellow painter many years ago. We are both avid painters of sky and cloud, and he said something that stuck with me: "A lot of people just take the sky for granted. They don't really notice it unless it is raining on them. In their eyes it is a constant. But the real truth of skies is that they are never the same twice. You see each sky but once in your lifetime." I thought that was a marvelously poetic and insightful sentiment." - Stephen C. Datz
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