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Curt Brill - Reclining Figure II

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Reclining Figure II was one of the first sculptures where artist Curt Brill stopped positioning the models in specific poses. Instead, he asked the models to strike poses of their own devising. Here, the model was on break and completely relaxed - a natural pose Brill found to be more inspiring than any of the more formal, dancerly postures typically seen in live figure modeling.

A reclining figure such as this is unusual to see in bronze sculpture since the artform tends to have more formal, statuesque work. Brill loves to explore reclining human forms in his work, though, because it offers an opportunity to depict the gracefulness of the body while at rest.

"I start my work with quick drawings off 'gestural poses,'" says the artist. "The idea is to create a figure that captures the human life force without drowning the viewer in detail. Almost all people can relate to this kind of moment of relaxation."

The entire piece measures 10" x 27" x 10.5", including the wooden base.

A life-size version of Reclining Figure II is in the Halle Berry private collection and is also available for purchase. Please contact the gallery to learn more.

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