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(Book VIII) The Candy Man: A Charles Bloom Murder Mystery by Mark Sublette

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Hardcover, 327 pages. ISBN 978-0-9998176-4-3. In the eighth book of the Charles Bloom Murder Mystery series, Marvin Manycoats' childhood friend Ricky Begay, long forgotten and presumed dead, is suddenly at the center of a story of corruption at the highest levels. Brought to light by fifty-year-old clues found buried in the desert floor in a remote corner of the Navajo Nation, the discovery is a death sentence for those who understand its true meaning. A presumptuous vice-presidential candidate and a drug cartel intertwine with unsolved murders as art dealer Charles Bloom simultaneously uncovers a stolen T.C. Cannon painting. The key to solving the mystery is in the painting's ominous inscription. If it's not deciphered quickly and correctly, a nation's future and a murderer's power grab can't be stopped. The cover-up is nothing less than the fight of evil over good, where the endgame is about more than the human lives that are pawns on a political chest board - and the outcome is anything but certain.
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