Star Liana York - Autumn Harvest

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"Fabric of Life" Suite. The suite consists of four sculptures that reflect the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Each represents a stage in the creation of a wool weaving...from the raising of the sheep to the blanket's use. Interwoven is the life of a Navajo woman, as a child, mother, grandmother and finally elder. I will call her Nizhoni. Nizhoni has become a woman of seasoned maturity and presents her finished creation with great satisfaction. A grandmother now, her many decades of weaving and living bring together her practiced skill with a depth of understanding that can only come over time. She holds the finished blanket proudly. It represents many years of honing her skill as a weaver and as an artist. The weaving is her artistic medium through which she interprets her culture and world. She has reached a point in her life when all elements that make up who she is and what she knows of life come together in this woven creation. It will not go to market, but will remain in her family as a testament to her heirloom for the generations that follow.
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