Ancient Voices Collection - Eternal Echos - Wrap Silk Scarf (M1742)

PRODUCT # AragonEternalechoswrapscarf

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The Ancient Voices Collection is a connection to the understanding of the living world that our ancestors taught us to believe in. It is an exploration to the ideas and stories that were eternalized in monochrome designs on vessels that date back for centuries.

"Eternal Echos" is a rendition of a popular lightning and rain design found on many ancestral Ollas, jars, and vases that can be dated back for hundreds of years. It is a story told of the very cycle that continues to bring life and nourishment to the land. An endless cycle that knows no limitations and will continue well into the future. It's the idea of embracing that natural power and making it a part of your empowering strengths.

100% Silk, 18mm Silk Charmeuse, Hand Wash Only.

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