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Old Pawn Jewelry

Old Pawn Jewelry, Part 1

Learn about the early forms of Native American jewelry, an art form introduced to the Navajo and the Pueblo cultures approximately 150 years ago. Learn how the early Native American silversmiths took Mexican blacksmithing traditions and made the art form their own. Read more...

Navajo sandcast bracelet c 1900

Navajo and Pueblo Silver Jewelry

In this article, you will learn about early silver jewelry of the Navajo and Pueblo cultures, including: silversmithing before the 1880s, Navajo and Zuni jewelry, early silversmithing techniques, the Hispanic influence, turquoise embellishments, and more. Read more...

Early cast silver Navajo bracelet with turquoise

Portable Wealth: Navajo Silver

An excellent review of the history of Navajo silversmithing with a discussion of authentic old pawn jewelry and common jewelry designs, such as squash blossom necklaces. Read more...



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