Les Namingha Biography

Les Namingha Biography

Les Namingha is a Tewa-Zuni potter born in 1968 to a Hopi father and a Zuni mother. He comes from the famous Nampeyo family tree of potters. His skill as a potter and creative designs undoubtedly show the influence of his learning to make pottery from his aunt, Dextra Quotskuyva of Hopi, a master potter and renowned innovator.

Les Namingha creates pottery using old Zuni & Hopi designs often modified with a contemporary look. He will also use a variety of materials and colors that transform and challenge the expectations of Hopi and Pueblo pottery. Les is a painter using various textures, materials, and designs in his work. Les Namingha was profiled among the young Artists to Watch.

His work can be found in numerous museums, permanent collections, and private collections, and he has received many awards for his originality, artistry, and skill. He is married to Jocelyn Quam Namingha, who is also an artist. Les has a B.A. in design from Brigham Young University.

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