Kliewer, Susan

Susan Kliewer - Maria of San Ildefonso (Monumental)


Additional Information

  • Medium: Bronze
  • Edition: 15
  • Size: 52'' x 56'' x 48''

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1-1/4 life-size. "Maria Montoya was born at the San Ildefonso Pueblo in the late 1880's. As a child she watched as her aunt shaped pottery. By Maria's time, potmaking was no longer a necessary part of daily life, as traditional containers had been replaced by modern Anglo enamelware. By 1910, Maria was replicating prehistoric designs and became known throughout the world for her black wares. The art of pottery making was facing extinction but thanks to Maria, ever eager to share her craft, this traditional art form still exists today." - Susan Kliewer

Susan Kliewer - Maria of San Ildefonso (Monumental)
Susan Kliewer - Maria of San Ildefonso (Monumental) Susan Kliewer - Maria of San Ildefonso (Monumental)
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