Kliewer, Susan

Susan Kliewer - Daughter of the Mesas (Last in the Edition), Bronze, Edition 6/45 (SC91104-015-007)


Additional Information

  • Medium: Bronze
  • Edition: 6 of 45
  • Size: 18'' x 10'' x 8''

LAST IN THE EDITION. This is a sold out bronze.

"The first time I visited Moenavi, a remote village surrounded by towering cliffs, I was drawn to the sound of small children playing. The cottonwood trees on the banks of a sheltered pond cast their dappled shadows on the blue -green water and the children's laughter blended with the cascading song of the Canyon Wren.

For this moment in time we were all in Shangri-la. I hoped their lives could always remain so peaceful. For the young Indian people of the Southwest... May you find a smooth path between two worlds." - Susan Kliewer

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