Goodnight, Veryl

Veryl Goodnight, NSS - Hidden Strength

VGHidden Strength

Additional Information

  • Medium: Bronze
  • Edition: 30
  • Size: 24'' x 12'' x 11''

Hidden Strength depicts a quiet, but strong, pioneer woman from the 1860s. Her billowing garments swirl as the prairie winds would whip through the fields.

The curves of the scythe’s blade and handle amplify the composition. This implement is modeled after an antique scythe Goodnight found in an antique store.

Note that the woman depicted in Hidden Strength has on a gold wedding band. The sculptor intended the ring to add to the story, though the tale could have so many different endings.

This sculpture was featured in Western Art Collector magazine, July 2011, page 115 and 147.

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