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Interested in learning more about authentic Navajo storm pattern rugs? Check out this video by Medicine Man Gallery owner, Dr. J. Mark Sublette.


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Navajo Rugs and Blankets at Medicine Man Gallery

Navajo Rugs-Part 1, originally published in Western Art Collector magazine

In this article, Dr. J. Mark Sublette, CEO of Tucson’s Medicine Man Gallery, provides an overview of Navajo weaving. Read about the history of the Crystal Trading Post and the popular storm pattern rug that hails from this region. Read more...

Regional styles of Navajo rugs

Collecting Navajo Rugs

In this article, originally published in Native American Art magazine, Dr. J. Mark Sublette discusses the intricate and diverse styles of Navajo rugs, including those from the Crystal Trading Post region. Read more...


For 30 years, Dr. J. Mark Sublette has been a leading authority on Navajo rugs and blankets. Medicine Man Gallery, located in Tucson, Arizona, has one of the largest collections of authentic Navajo textiles, including a large collection of storm pattern rugs.