Collection - Germantown Blankets and Navajo Eyedazzlers

Learn about authentic Navajo Germantown blankets and Germantown Eyedazzlers with these videos by Medicine Man Gallery CEO, Dr. J. Mark Sublette.



Read about vintage Navajo Germantown blankets and Eyedazzler weavings

Navajo Germantown Blanket

Under the Rainbow: Navajo Germantown Weavings by Mark Sublette from Native American Art magazine

Medicine Man Gallery CEO, Dr. J. Mark Sublette, discusses the history and characteristics of Navajo Germantown blankets and provides numerous visual examples of the artform in this 2016 article. Read more...

Navajo Germantown Blankets at Medicine Man Gallery

Germantown Weavings from Navajo Rugs-Part 1, Western Art Collector magazine

In this article, Dr. J. Mark Sublette of Medicine Man Gallery discusses an overview of early Navajo weaving, including providing information about vintage Navajo Germantown weavings and the Hispanic Saltillo serape-inspired origin of the Eyedazzler blanket. Read more...


Medicine Man Gallery, located in the Catalina foothills of Tucson, Arizona, has one of the largest collections of antique Navajo textiles in the United States, including Germantown blankets and vintage Navajo eye dazzler weavings. Every Navajo blanket and rug in the gallery has been authenticated by Dr. J. Mark Sublette, a leading expert on Navajo weavings.