Contemporary Native American Bracelets

Contemporary Native American Bracelets

Contemporary Native American bracelets feature some of the most impressive examples of Native American jewelry design and craftsmanship available today. Contemporary American Indian bracelets run the gamut from intricate stamped silver and turquoise bracelets; precision channel inlay with turquoise, coral, and shell, and those featuring 14K gold along with the sterling silver. Native American bracelets typically are shaped in the form of a cuff that slips on the arm below the wrist bone, but other bracelet types we carry include charm bracelets with clasps as well as beaded strands. Famous jewelry makers in the Medicine Man Gallery contemporary jewelry collection include Sam Patania, Frank Patania Sr., Charles Loloma, and Jesse Monongye.


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Medicine Man Gallery offers a wide variety of contemporary Native American turquoise bracelets for both men and women from the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni and Santo Domingo Pueblos available online for sale.

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