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2023 Gallery Show Schedule


Francis Livingston: Forests and Beyond

Opens: March 18, 2023

Opening Reception - Saturday, Mar. 18, 5 pm - 7 pm

Visit Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery for a show and sale of new works by Francis Livingston.

Born in Cortez, Colorado, Francis Livingston is in the top ranks of American impressionists and his work has been widely exhibited for decades. His paintings had been exhibited in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York for years before becoming a staple in the Western art hubs of Scottsdale, Santa Fe, and Jackson Hole. Livingston says of his process: “It’s a continuous exploration. I start each new painting differently.”


Francis Livingston: New Works Opens March 18



Josh Elliott: New Works

Opens: April 7, 2023

Visit Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery to see a new body of work by Josh Elliott. 

Josh Elliott believes that we were made to appreciate beauty, and he feels his work is a celebration of beauty and truth. Although being true to reality is important to Josh, he aims for creating “art”, something interpretive, something more than a good rendering, something of himself. Josh says, "A good painting, to me, is Nature's truth filtered through the artist."


Josh Elliott: New Works opens March 2023



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