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Victoria Roberts: Emerging Artist

By Medicine Man Gallery on

Excerpt published online courtesy American Art Collector, April 2018

On April 21, assemblage artist Victoria Roberts will have her first solo exhibition at Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery in Tucson, Arizona. Titled Stars and Stripes Forever, the show will focus on her mixed-media flags.

"I have always loved the imagery of the American flag, so creating them as part of my artistic expression was inevitable," says Roberts. "It started with my wanting to shed light on the monetary corruption of our government, so I made flags with advertising materials, yardsticks and bottle caps, showing the logos of different companies on each flag. By the fourth piece I started adding other elements; I embedded three-dimensional stars into that flag as if they were falling off, then the idea of adding a written phrase came to me... Art is a journey, it's an ever-evolving process, I never know where it will take me next."

Victoria Roberts "United" States of America, Mixed Media, 22" x 33"

Victoria Roberts, State of the Union, Mixed Media, 22" x 33"

Victoria Roberts, Lucky 13, Mixed Media, 25" x 22.5"


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