Mark Sublette: Calling Coast to Coast

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Mark Sublette: Calling Coast to Coast

Courtesy Western Art Collector, December 2017

We ask leading galleries from coast to coast what their thoughts are on the market and where it might be headed. 

Mark Sublette

Owner, Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery – Tucson, AZ

Selling art in the 21st century continues to evolve. It is an exciting space to be a part of this new “art gallery” experience, whether it is social, digital or content-driven.

Our clients want to learn as much as possible about the material before they purchase, and have a seamless experience both online and in the gallery once they decide to pull the trigger, or now, push the buy button. We have recently launched our updated website – two years in the making – to help facilitate our client’s gallery visit. With a shopping cart, educational videos, improved search functionality and responsiveness for the computer, phone, and tablet, buying has become a painless process.

One of the trends we have noticed is the aging population of baby boomers now starting to downsize, resulting in numerous high-quality estates coming to the market. Our gallery has positioned itself to handle vast collections of both Western and Native American art. These estates often provide an opportunity to acquire rare pieces of art that have not been on the market for decades. The best material continues to be highly sought after.

Native American jewelry has been particularly in demand. It’s hard to turn on any current television program and not see the resurgence of turquoise jewelry being worn. The second version of our 1960s and ‘70s experience is coming home to roost through our children.

 I see an increased interest from other countries – especially in Japan – in our Western aesthetic, which is a unique sensibility that continues to find an audience.



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