Lisa Danielle: Glimpses into the Old West

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Lisa Danielle: Glimpses into the Old West

Pubished online courtesy Western Art Collector, October 2013

From her studio in Northern Arizona, Lisa Danielle crafts in paint her striking still life vignettes of momentary glimpses into the Old West. Inspired by the romantic sagas and trappings of her 1950s "Cowboys and Indians" childhood, Danielle says that later exposure as a collector of all things Western broadened her knowledge to include mountain men, pioneers, and prehistoric and Hispanic cultures - all woven into the storytelling mix. Objects found within her light-filled studio, combined with visits to ranches, reservations and museums that surround the artists' community of Sedona - her home of 30 years - authenticate her resulting works.

Lisa Danielle

Painting and horseback riding on the outskirts of Red Rock Country, Danielle lives the ideal Western lifestyle, providing experience to complement her knowledge of the Native American culture and Western heritage portrayed in her still life paintings. Danielle's desire to mark a historic occasion, share a whimsical narrative from her storyteller's heart, or just note an object of rare beauty are not only ruled by her artist's eye, but always bound with integrity by a passion for truth. To entice the viewer with light, drama, or an intriguing tale into her circle of admiration for these objects and respect for the history embodies Danielle's life work.

Given both roots and wings by her artist parents, Danielle was born in the artist colony of La Jolla, California. Creative fires begun by her parents were stoked by mentors, and formal study, and aided by wide distribution of her published works by the likes of The Leanin' Tree. Danielle is also a maintsay in many of the top shows around the country. Quality shows, including six years in Desert Caballeros Western Museum's Cowgirl Up! Art from the Other Half of the West invitational show and sale, which awarded her first prize for two-dimensional work in 2013, and fine gallery representation allow Danielle to continue sharing her vision.



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