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Contemporary Painters Jeff Aeling: Canyon Road Arts Vol.3 Jeff Aeling, Southwest Art 2002 Jeff Aeling, Western Art Collector 2007 Jeff Aeling, Attracted to Extremes Jeff Aeling, Western Art Collector 2018 Julia Arriola, Artes Magazine 2020 Shonto Begay, Western Art Collector 2008 Shonto Begay, Western Art Collector 2007 Shonto Begay, Western Art Collector 2009 Shonto Begay, Western Art Collector...

Arts of Another Era
Arts of Another Era, Western Art Collector

 Arts of Another Era Native American arts and artifacts appeal to collectors for their beauty, their historical significance and their spiritual connections.Published online courtesy Western Art Collector, February 2009by John O'HernMaria Popovi Black on Black Feather Plate, dated 11/67, 1/2" x 6.75"  The pottery, weavings and other artifacts of Native American culture have not always fared well under the onslaught of Europeans, nor did the artisans themselves. Since most artifacts were utilitarian, disposable, and by the nature of their materials ephemeral, intact examples of early work are extremely rare and are highly valued.In the West, pots and weavings were sold...

Grandeur of the West: Unique...
Grandeur of the West: Unique Visions of the Western Landscape

Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902), Mount Whitney, c. 1877, Oil on Canvas, 68-7/8" x 116-5/8". Courtesy Rockwell Museum of Western Art, Corning, NY Excerpt reproduced online courtesy Western Art Collector, January 2009 In the 1790s, Thomas Jefferson convinced the American Philosophical Society to send Andre Michaux on an expedition to "explore the country along the Missouri, & thence Westwardly to the Pacific Ocean." Michaux was Royal Botanist to Louis XVI who had sent him to North America to look for plants that would be of benefit in France. Jefferson welcomed the French expedition and met Michaux in Philadelphia. The charge to Michaux was:...