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Contemporary Painters Jeff Aeling: Canyon Road Arts Vol.3 Jeff Aeling, Southwest Art 2002 Jeff Aeling, Western Art Collector 2007 Jeff Aeling, Attracted to Extremes Jeff Aeling, Western Art Collector 2018 Julia Arriola, Artes Magazine 2020 Shonto Begay, Western Art Collector 2008 Shonto Begay, Western Art Collector 2007 Shonto Begay, Western Art Collector 2009 Shonto Begay, Western Art Collector...

Collecting Navajo Rugs Part 1:...
Navajo Rugs, Part 1, Western Art Collector

 Collecting Navajo Rugs Part 1: History and Styles Are you attracted to the exquisite beauty and craftsmanship of Navajo rugs but confused by all the terminology? To assist you, we asked expert, Dr. Mark Sublette, of Medicine Man Gallery, to provide a brief history of Navajo Dr. Mark SubletteReproduced courtesy of Western Art Collector magazine, February 2008 Dr. Mark Sublette, owner of Medicine Man Gallery, in the textile room at his gallery's Tucson, Arizona location. Photo by Meghann Eppstein The Navajo (Dine (dih-NEH) in their own language) are Athabascan-speaking people who migrated to the Southwest from Canada in about the 15th...

Taos Founders: Acquiring the Masters
Collecting Taos Founders, Western Art Collector

 Acquiring the Masters: Starting a Collection of Taos Founders at any Price Rangeby John O'HernExcerpt courtesy of Western Art Collector Magazine, October 2008Joseph Henry Sharp, The Marigolds, Oil on Canvas, c. 1940, 25" x 30"While the paintings by many of the Taos Society of Artists are selling at various auctions for hundreds of thousands of dollars, it doesn’t take an unlimited budget to start acquiring original works by these Western masters. In fact, many of the artists – like Joseph Sharp, Eanger Irving Couse, E. Martin Hennings, Gerald Cassidy and Ernest Blumenschein – did many small paintings as well. And...