Reeves, Sunshine  Biography

Reeves, Sunshine Biography

Daniel “Sunshine” Reeves was born into a family of New Mexico silversmiths. His brothers Gray Reeves and David Reeves taught him the craft, with which he has gone on to become one of the most distinguished silversmiths in the country.

Reeves’ pieces begin with flat sheets of silver, which are then deeply hand-stamped and shaped to form intricately decorated bracelets, boxes and even kerosene lanterns. Though the process is time consuming and labor intensive, (each individual mark on a piece represents a separate hammer blow) the finished products are beautiful and entirely unique art objects. 

Reeves is well recognized as a master in his field. His work has been displayed at the Peabody Museum, Harvard University and the Heard Museum. Reeves also took the Best of Show award at the Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial and is the only silversmith to win Best of Show at the famed Santa Fe Indian Market.

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