Stella Shutiva (1935 - 1997)...

Stella Shutiva (1935 - 1997) Biography

Stella Shutiva specialized in making the corrugated pottery reminiscent of prehistoric times. Her mother, Jessie Garcia, is credited with reviving this style of pottery. Corrugated pottery uses very thin coils of clay stacked on top of each other. The potter uses her finger, or a tool, to make indentures in the clay in the shape of a "V." By pressing the coils together, it gives the pot its corrugated design. Stella used native clay and a white slip, and she fired in the traditional way, often leaving color variations on the surface to the vessel.

Stella studied the pottery collection at the Smithsonian in 1973, to combine a feeling of the past with contemporary designs. She also demonstrated pottery making while at the Smithsonian. Her daughter, Jacki Shutiva Histia, continues making pottery in the corrugated style and is well known for her work.

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