Greg Newbold Biography

Greg Newbold Biography

"For me, art is a soulful expression. What I see or feel is distilled through my own life experience. I simplify, edit and filter my vision as light, color, shape and texture. Everything combines to make something beautiful. Hopefully the piece of me that comes out at the end of my brush connects with the spirit of the viewer. "

-- Greg Newbold

Throughout a successful career in illustration, Greg has created art for the likes of American Express, Fedex, Heinz, Smuckers, Boy Scouts of America, Harper Collins, Harcourt, Scholastic, Random House and Simon & Schuster. In 2014, Greg was awarded a Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles. He has illustrated a dozen books for children. He is now focusing on painting the western landscape that inspired him to first pick up a brush.

Greg’s paintings explore an idealized vision of the west and are included in the permanent collections of Salt Lake City Corporation, Boy Scouts of America, Springville Museum of Art, Utah Transit Authority and Zions Bank Corporation, among others.

  • 2019 "New Works" Group Show, Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery, Tucson, AZ
  • 2019 "Along the Distant Mesa: An Homage to Maynard Dixon" Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery, Tucson, AZ 
  • Western Art Collector, November 2019
  • Western Art Collector, March 2019
  • "Maynard Dixon's American West: Along the Distant Mesa" by Mark Sublette, 2018
  • Western Art Collector, April 2018
  • "Picasso Painted a Snowman" by Amy and Greg Newbold
  • "Little Match Girl" adapted from the classis Hans Christian Andersen story
  • "If da Vinci Painted a Dinosaur" by Amy and Greg Newbold
  • Utah's Hogle Zoo, posters
  • "Take Time for a Good Book" Cover for Brodart'
  • Book covers for Simon and Schuster
  • Downtown Farmer's Market, "Crimson Harvest" 
  • "Naughty Marietta" Theatre/opera
  • "Heart Girl" Love Communications
  • "Cyranno de Bergerac" Theatre poster and advertising
  • "Protector of the Small" novel cover
  • Park City Magazine
  • Brighton Beach Memoirs, theatre poster
  • Eating Well Magazine "Caveman Dinner"
  • Eating Well Magazine "Fat Uncle Sam"
  • Holiday Kleenex boxes
  • Truth Against Tobacco campaign
  • BYU Magazine
  • Liberty Magazine "Uncle Sam Van Winkle"
  • Boy's Life Magazine
  • Jimenez Mexican Food Brand
  • Angels on Earth magazine
  • Theatre Company "A Christmas Carol: The Musical"
  • "Winter Lullaby" by Barbara Seuling
  • Florida Association of Realtors
  • "Spring Song" by Barbara Seuling
  • "The Barnyard Night Before Christmas" by Beth Terrill
  • "The Touch of the Master's Hand"
  • Canyon Trail magazine
  • "Scruffy: A Scarecrow's Tale"  by Greg Newbold