Eunice “Fawn” Navasie Biography (1920-1992)

Eunice “Fawn” Navasie Biography (1920-1992)

Eunice Navasie (Hopi Pueblo, Sichomovi village, First Mesa) was a sister-in-law of Joy Navasie “Frogwoman” and Pauline Setalla, her two brothers having married those two women. Eunice’s parents were Agnes and Roscie Navasie. Eunice had learned pottery from her mother, Agnes.

Eunice made pottery for nearly 50 years. She worked in black and red on white, as well as black and red on buff or yellow ware, in the form of jars, bowls, and wedding vases.  She was well known for her artwork and painting designs. In 1969, Eunice participated in an exhibition at the Gallup Ceremonial in New Mexico, where she received 1st Place for a wedding vase. 

Eunice had three daughters: Dawn Navasie (b. 1961), Dolly Joe “White Snow” Navasie (b. 1964), and Fawn Garcia Navasie, formerly known as “Little Fawn” (b. 1959). They learned to make pottery by working with their mother. Their pottery is made using the traditional methods handed down through the generations. Pots are hand coiled and natural pigments are used for painting. River rocks are used for polishing and sheep dung is used for firing outdoors. All three daughters have become award-winning potters.


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Holmes Anthropology Museum, Wichita State University

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