Lovato, Anthony Biography

Lovato, Anthony Biography

Masterful tufa artist, Anthony Lovato, was born on July 5, 1958. Anthony is the fifth generation of the Santo Domingo Pueblo. He is the son of renowned silversmith Mary Cortiz Lovato, and his father, Sedelio F. Lovato, a metalworker who specializes in casting and inlay work.

Anthony Lovato was raised by his mother to become a silversmith. Mary also was instrumental in revising the traditional Pueblo shell inlay work in Santo Domingo. Anthony learned most of his skills from his grandfather, Santiago Leo Coriz, who was very adept at tufa casting, having learned it from a Hopi friend.

Anthony’s tufa cast designs to bridge traditional and contemporary styles. They reflect his family’s creative legacy and Santo Domingo religious heritage. He is known for his petroglyph and pictograph symbols of horses and buffalo. Anthony is a member of the Corn Clan in his village.

He is best known for his corn rings, corn maidens and corn bracelets, as well as his unique canteens. Anthony also creates large hollow-ware jars and fabricated vessels. He has said of all the pieces he creates, that he “strives to make them perfect and right.”

Anthony has won many awards for his exceptional work over the years. His sons Cordell Pajarito and Joel Pajarito are also accomplished, silversmiths. Anthony has a brother, Isaac Coriz and a sister, Mary Frances Coriz, who are both sought after artists in their own right. Anthony is now retired.

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