Copenhaver-Fellows, NSS, Deborah

Deborah Copenhaver-Fellows - Where the Sun Goes

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Deborah Copenhaver-Fellows - Where the Sun Goes

  • Bronze
  • Edition: 30
  • 26'' x 18.5'' x 11''
  • $9,500.00
  • DCFWheretheSunGoesbronze
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"The sun, stars and the moon were sacred and very mysterious to native Americans. The Blackfoot Indians revered Father Sun and Mother Earth and made offerings in exchange for safety and health in daily life. The door of their lodges faced East to welcome the morning sun when it appeared and brought warmth and life. As Father Sun disappeared on the evening horizon they gave thanks and wondered at the mystery of "WHERE THE SUN GOES." - Deborah Copenhaver-Fellows, NSS.