Goodnight, Veryl

Veryl Goodnight, NSS - Second Thoughts (Monumental) - PRICE ON REQUEST


Additional Information

  • Medium: Bronze
  • Edition: 7
  • Size: 78'' x 30'' x 120''

ONLY 2 REMAIN IN THE EDITION. Measures 10% over life-size. Also available without the cat. The sculptures are attached to a hidden stainless steel base that is in turn attached to a concrete slab hidden under ground. At least 2 months is needed to cast this from taking an order to delivery. Call 1-800-422-9382 to inquire or email [email protected].

About Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts is a quiet sculpture that reflects a slice of ranch life. Here, this ever-curious cat has lost her courage when the horse lowered his muzzle to greet her. The cat is poised to turn and flee.

The artist’s Arab/Quarter horse gelding, Matt Dillon, was the model for the horse. He is not identifiable by breed and close to perfect in conformation making him "the best equine model I've ever had," says the artist.

About this sculpture, Goodnight says: “I have always wanted to see this sculpture placed where children could pet the nose of the horse and the cat.  The greatest compliment to me would be to see the patina rubbed off both noses.  The final artistic touch would come from all those little hands, doing no harm to the sculpture while showing love for animals and polishing the noses to a high shine.”        


Veryl Goodnight, NSS - Second Thoughts (Monumental)  - PRICE ON REQUEST
Veryl Goodnight, NSS - Second Thoughts (Monumental)  - PRICE ON REQUEST Veryl Goodnight, NSS - Second Thoughts (Monumental)  - PRICE ON REQUEST
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