Goodnight, Veryl

Veryl Goodnight - Emergence


Additional Information

  • Medium: Bronze
  • Edition: 25
  • Size: 17'' x 29'' x 8''

"Last year a mule deer doe raised twin fawns right outside my studio in Colorado. I was able to observe them until late in the fall. I was intrigued with simplifying the complex form of the oak brush, from which the deer would emerge into the meadows." - Veryl Goodnight

Emergence was featured in Western Art Collector, December 2008, page 79; Western Art Collector, May 2009, page 79; and in the the artist's book, No Turning Back: The Art of Veryl Goodnight.

Veryl Goodnight - Emergence Veryl Goodnight - Emergence 1 Veryl Goodnight - Emergence 2 Veryl Goodnight - Emergence 3
Veryl Goodnight - Emergence
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