Datz, Stephen C.

Stephen C. Datz - Time is a River


Additional Information

  • Medium: Oil on Board
  • Size: 32'' x 48''

41.5" x 57.5" framed. Acquired from a private collection in Wisconsin. Artist comments: This is a view of the Colorado River northeast of Moab, Utah as it passes through magnificent Professor Valley. I caught this as I was driving home from one of my frequent art-related visits to Tucson, Arizona. It is a cold February evening, and the southerly winter sun lights up the magnificent buttes of this area as it does at no other time of year, catching them full on just before it crosses the horizon and night falls. It struck me, standing by the roadside making a pencil sketch and some notes for this painting, that the Colorado was a little like time itself -- always flowing, seemingly unchanging, and yet ever so slowly sculpting this awe-inspiring landscape in much the same way that time sculpts and changes us. As the sun finally vanished, I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes by Ed Abbey, "The landscape, like a man or woman, acquired character through time and endurance."

Stephen C. Datz - Time is a River Stephen C. Datz - Time is a River 1
Stephen C. Datz - Time is a River


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