Datz, Stephen C.

x SOLD Stephen C. Datz - Wild at Heart (PLV90469-0520-019)


Additional Information

  • Medium: Oil on Canvas Board
  • Size: 12'' x 8''

17.75" x 13.75" framed. "This view is something of a reminiscence, coming as it does from a backpacking trip I did while still in college, before I had begun painting professionally. This is a view of the lower Paria River gorge, a spectacular canyon stretching for 42 miles across the border of Utah and Arizona west of Page. I’ve backpacked this canyon twice, and this view is typical of the twisty, high-walled central portion of the canyon. Water, rock stained by oxidation, and the occasional sandy, elevated bench sprinkled with trees and vegetation are the norm in this part of the canyon and are part of its distinctive charm. It’s been decades since I was last here, and though it was at one time threatened by too much hiker traffic it is now protected, with a limit on the number of hikers allowed in each year, ensuring that it, like those who traverse it, remains wild at heart." - Stephen C. Datz

x SOLD Stephen C. Datz - Wild at Heart (PLV90469-0520-019)
x SOLD Stephen C. Datz - Wild at Heart (PLV90469-0520-019)
x SOLD Stephen C. Datz - Wild at Heart (PLV90469-0520-019) 1
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