Datz, Stephen C.

x SOLD Stephen C. Datz - Under the Bridge


Additional Information

  • Medium: Oil on Canvas Board
  • Size: 10'' x 8''

15.75" x 13.75" framed. Escalante Natural Bridge, Escalante Canyon, Utah. Study for "Canyon Rhythms." "This is one of those ideas I have been kicking around for a long time, and to the casual observer it might not seem all that innovative. But it is definitely an unusual view of a subject that would typically be approached from a broader perspective, and a challenge to paint successfully. What we see here is the eastern abutment of Escalante Natural Bridge, an impressive sandstone arch found in the main channel of the Escalante River canyon. It is possible to hike right up underneath this huge span, and that is about where I was when I saw this view. The unusual compositional possibilities struck me at once, as did the marvelous way the light was striking the contours of the bridge and the canyon wall behind it, creating an interesting rhythmic pattern of highlights and firing the shadow areas with an amazing glow as it reflected from the rock of the arch. The cool, shaded foreground directly under the span provides the perfect note of contrast. It is exactly this sort of moment that has kept me returning to the canyon country of southern Utah for 30 years. To be sure, the grandeur of the scenery and larger setting here is amazing, but for me it is often these "right place, right time" sort of surprises I find off the beaten path that are most memorable." - Stephen C. Datz

Stephen C. Datz - Under the Bridge
Stephen C. Datz - Under the Bridge Stephen C. Datz - Under the Bridge 1 x SOLD Stephen C. Datz - Under the Bridge


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