Datz, Stephen C.

x SOLD Stephen C. Datz - Spirit Level (PLV90469-1220-004)


Additional Information

  • Medium: Oil
  • Circa: Contemporary
  • Size: 60'' x 40''

66.25" x 46.5" framed. Includes a photograph of the artist with the painting in his studio. Published on the cover and page 3 of Western Art Collector magazine, January 2021 issue. "This painting might be considered a counterpart to last year’s “The Beauty Way”. From the point of view in that painting you can see the spot where I was standing to get this vista, and vice versa. This view actually preceded that one, and inspired me to hire a Navajo guide and jeep up the canyon to the base of this impressive tower. Turns out Spider Rock is awe inspiring no matter what vantage point you are seeing it from. The title can be taken to have a dual meaning. Most obviously, it refers to being “at spirit level”, given the vantage point very close to the edge of the canyon, at about the same level as the top of Spider Rock (said to be the home of Spider Woman, an important spiritual being in the Navajo culture). But it also refers to a feeling I have often felt that I am really just a conduit for my muse - that the painting flows through me rather than me being the one in charge of the process. While the planning, layout, and color mixing that go into a canvas like this are all easily described in technical terms, the actual process of painting is quite intuitive – you put down a brushstroke and it either looks right or it doesn’t. I can’t qualify or quantify it any further. So in a sense the only place from which one can do work like this, or from whence it comes, is at spirit level." -Stephen C. Datz

Stephen C. Datz - Spirit Level (PLV90469-1220-004)
Stephen C. Datz - Spirit Level (PLV90469-1220-004) Stephen C. Datz - Spirit Level (PLV90469-1220-004) 2


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