Datz, Stephen

x SOLD Stephen C. Datz - Snowy Morning, Bookcliffs (PLV90469-0520-009)


Additional Information

  • Medium: Oil on Canvas Board
  • Circa: Contemporary
  • Size: 6'' x 12''

10.25" x 16.25" framed. "I usually never miss a chance to go out to the Bookcliffs, which lie a few miles northeast of my home in Grand Junction, after a good snow. Under ordinary conditions these formations are a very muted buff gray color, but in winter, with a coat of snow, they become extraordinarily colorful. Shadows take on a whole range of blues and violets, as the snow bounces light into them, the buff colored cliffs suddenly seem much more colorful next to the pure white snow, and the fascinating topography of these eroded formations takes on a whole new aspect in the sharp contrast between the brightly lit snow and the blue shadows." - Stephen C. Datz

Stephen C. Datz - Snowy Morning, Bookcliffs (PLV90469-0520-009)
Stephen C. Datz - Snowy Morning, Bookcliffs (PLV90469-0520-009)
Stephen C. Datz - Snowy Morning, Bookcliffs  (PLV90469-0520-009) 1
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