Datz, Stephen C.

xSOLD Stephen C. Datz - Ridgelines (PLV90469-0122-007)


Additional Information

  • Medium: Oil
  • Size: 6'' x 15''
12" x 21" framed. "Over my years painting outdoors I have developed what I think of as a mental atlas of secret places. Not necessarily secret places in the sense that they are hidden, remote, or somehow inaccessible to anyone less than intrepid, though those can all be true. They are places I’ve discovered where, for some reason, I’ve seldom seen another artist. Like a miner with a claim that promises a mother lode, I’ve adopted a somewhat possessive attitude toward such places. Treasure troves of inspiration which, known only to me, are mine to explore, paint, and enjoy alone. I share them judiciously, swearing my guests to secrecy when we leave. It’s all somewhat silly, if I’m honest. But Glade Park, which is a remote and rural area southwest of Colorado National Monument, is one such place for me. It amazed me the very first time I visited, and continues to do so on each new visit with views like this."

Stephen C. Datz - Ridgelines (PLV90469-0122-007)
Stephen C. Datz - Ridgelines (PLV90469-0122-007)


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