Datz, Stephen C.

x SOLD Stephen C. Datz - October Sky


Additional Information

  • Medium: Oil on Canvas Board
  • Size: 8'' x 8''

13.75" x 13.75" framed. Study for "Convergence." "This piece is a view of Monument Canyon, and Independence Rock at its center, in Colorado National Monument, as seen from the Grand Valley along the Colorado River. The time is evening, late October, when the cottonwoods and scrub along the river begin their autumnal transformation and the whole area comes alive with color. In the sky, the new crescent Moon, dark side faintly illuminated by Earthshine, is accompanied by Saturn on her left, and Jupiter on her right. Pluto's in there too, just to the left of Saturn, but it is not visible to the naked eye (devilishly hard to paint, but I think I managed it). It's one of the most exceptionally peaceful and pleasant fall evenings I've ever experienced. The title has several meanings - literal, astronomical, and above all metaphorical. 2019 proved to be a year of convergences for me and my family, not all of which were pleasant or welcome. Nights like this, with their fleeting bursts of color and arrangements of seemingly ageless (at least to us) earthly and celestial wonders serve as a reminder to treasure the days we have, for we know not their number, and those, now absent, with whom we have been fortunate to share them." - Stephen C. Datz

Stephen C. Datz - October Sky
Stephen C. Datz - October Sky Stephen C. Datz - October Sky 1 x SOLD Stephen C. Datz - October Sky


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