Datz, Stephen C.

xSOLD Stephen C. Datz - Light Years (PLV90469-0122-010)


Additional Information

  • Medium: Oil
  • Size: 12'' x 30''
19" x 37" framed. "This piece is a view from Echo Park, which is deep in the backcountry of Dinosaur National Monument in far northwestern Colorado. I first visited this place to paint it in 1996, and it is still inspiring me to return all these many years later. I am always struck by a profound sense of time and distance when I visit here. A long and time-consuming journey is required to come to this remote place, and once you arrive, encircled by the towering canyon walls along the Green River, the outside world seems very far away. One’s experience of time is different here as well, if you allow yourself to attune to the innate rhythms of the place. On this particular visit the cottonwood trees along the distant wash that forms the gateway to Echo Park were completing their annual and colorful transformation after another year of gathering light in this place that seems light years from anywhere."

Stephen C. Datz - Light Years (PLV90469-0122-010)
Stephen C. Datz - Light Years (PLV90469-0122-010)


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