Datz, Stephen C.

xSOLD Stephen C. Datz - Everything in Balance (PLV90469-0122-005)


Additional Information

  • Medium: Oil
  • Size: 10'' x 10''
18" x 14" framed. "Rimrock Drive follows a serpentine route along the canyon rims of Colorado National Monument and is nothing short of spectacular, offering picture-postcard views into the Monument’s impressive canyons and the Grand Valley beyond. But, in my decades of exploring this place, I have discovered there are plenty of subtler wonders to be enjoyed if you just watch out for them. These large rocks sit right along the roadside, perfectly perched against gravity, having at some prior point calved off the cliff above. I’ve often looked at this group of rocks and marveled at how they landed, wondering what the odds were that they should end up sitting just so rather than shattered 500 feet below at the bottom of Monument Canyon. With a recent snowfall adding charm to this view, it was too tempting to resist – a minor miracle in a place that owes its splendor to a long line of them."

Stephen C. Datz - Everything in Balance (PLV90469-0122-005)
Stephen C. Datz - Everything in Balance (PLV90469-0122-005)


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