Datz, Stephen C.

Stephen C. Datz - Desert Radiance (PLV90469-1220-012)


Additional Information

  • Medium: Oil
  • Circa: Contemporary
  • Size: 24'' x 24''

30.5" x 30.75" framed. "Though the particulars of this place are lost to me now – I found it by accident, off an unmarked road, without the benefit of a map, painted until dark, and got lost on the way back to civilization, all of which precluded gleaning any meaningful route information – it is typical in many ways of the intense glow that can bathe the desert country of the southwest in the evening, just as the sun meets the horizon. I harmonized the color in this piece very carefully with the aim of getting the feel of that blazing, low, red-hued sunlight. I suspect most painters would walk right past something like this, but I just love these kinds of “accidental discoveries”, which are as wondrous to my eyes as any picture postcard view. It’s funny how some random, washed out trail full of rocks in the middle of nowhere in particular can say so much about the character and charm of the desert southwest." -Stephen C. Datz

Stephen C. Datz - Desert Radiance (PLV90469-1220-012)
Stephen C. Datz - Desert Radiance (PLV90469-1220-012) Stephen C. Datz - Desert Radiance (PLV90469-1220-012)2 Stephen C. Datz - Desert Radiance (PLV90469-1220-012)3


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