Datz, Stephen C.

xSOLD Stephen C. Datz - Awash in Color (PLV90469-0122-003)


Additional Information

  • Medium: Oil
  • Size: 12'' x 8''
18" x 14" framed. Published in Western Art Collector Magazine, January 2022 issue, page 120. "The Bookcliffs have become a favorite subject of mine since I moved to the Grand Valley of western Colorado 20 years ago. Their geometries and morphology are a constant interest and a constant challenge to paint. But when you get up close to them you find they are also cut by many beautiful and intriguing canyons. This view is from one of the larger ones – Main Canyon in the Little Bookcliffs Wild Horse Range. It’s autumn, and the chamisa is in full bloom, which, like most of autumn’s colorful charms, is all too short lived. This is one of those subjects that I think of as an “arrangement” painting. I happened across it and something about the arrangement of light, shadow, chamisa, tamarisk, and rocks just struck a chord with me. It just goes to show that Inspiration can arrive in many forms and can often take you by surprise when you are least expecting it."

Stephen C. Datz - Awash in Color (PLV90469-0122-003)
Stephen C. Datz - Awash in Color (PLV90469-0122-003)


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