Datz, Stephen C.

x SOLD Datz, Stephen C. - Silence after the Storm


Additional Information

  • Medium: Oil
  • Circa: Contemporary
  • Size: 8'' x 8''

14" x 14" framed. ARTIST COMMENTS: Summer time always brings some big monsoon thunderstorms to the Grand Valley in Western Colorado, and they can be amazing experiences in and of themselves. I have found myself hunkering down in my truck waiting for the storm to pass, a half finished field sketch on my easel, on many occasions. Sometimes, though, the best things come to those who wait, and this was one such occasion in a couple of ways. The storm darkening the background of this painting had finally passed me by, allowing wonderful evening light to begin playing across the sandstone ridges along Rimrock Drive in Colorado National Monument. Feeling I had outsmarted the weather, I was able to get set up and get a rough block in of this piece done. What I had not counted on was the next storm coming up behind me, which interrupted me with wind, torrential rain, and lightning before I could make any more progress. I stuffed this little canvas with its nascent painting into one of my many panel boxes and headed home, promptly forgetting about it. It wasn't until several months later that I found it during a routine clean out and reorganization of all my field equipment. Delighted, I finished it up, recalling that day, the warm sun after the storm, and the perfume of wet sagebrush. It is always amazing to me how powerful and durable the sensory impressions created by time outside painting can be, and how much they can inform the painting process even after the moments are long past.

Datz, Stephen C. - Silence after the Storm
Datz, Stephen C. - Silence after the Storm x SOLD Datz, Stephen C. - Silence after the Storm x SOLD Datz, Stephen C. - Silence after the Storm x SOLD Datz, Stephen C. - Silence after the Storm


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