Berninghaus, O. E. (1874-1952)

O.E. Berninghaus (1874-1952) - Drawing and Letter


Additional Information

  • Medium: Mixed Media
  • Circa: 1912

Ink and Colored Pencil on Paper. This piece measures 25.25 by 15.25 inches framed. The top drawing measures 4.5 by 6.75 inches. In the lower left corner, it reads "St. Louis, Mo. 2313 Washington Ave April - 26 - 1912" The bottom letter measures 10 by 6.25 inches. It reads, "Dear Mr. Williams, I surely did not mean to slight you in not including a little sketch in a previous note to you - same as I did to Miss Colter, but this was one instance where I had not the time: I usually tack a little sketch to all my letters which (pardon me for saying) have become quite well known all over the country - but there are times when I can't do it and when I don't - I "get in bad" so I beg for pardon - Yours sincerely, Berninghaus April 8 1912" On the back of the frame is Mr. Williams' Fred Harvey ticket, see picture posted.

label O.E. Berninghaus (1874-1952) - Drawing and Letter O.E. Berninghaus (1874-1952) - Drawing and Letter O.E. Berninghaus (1874-1952) - Drawing and Letter
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