Copenhaver-Fellows, Deborah

Deborah Copenhaver-Fellows - The Viking


Additional Information

  • Medium: Bronze
  • Edition: 100
  • Size: 27'' x 13'' x 12.5''

"From the 8th to the 11th century, bands of sea raiders plundered the entire known world. These warriors were known as VIKINGS.

My sculpture depicts a classic Viking warrior, chosen for height, impressive strength, and prowess. He wears woolen pants bound to his legs by thongs of leather for unrestricted movement in battle. His shoes are of leather, tied at the ankles and pointed in the style of the period.

A tunic of intricate interlocking iron rings called 'byrnie' or chain mail protects his torso in combat. He wears a conical helmet with nose guard of forged iron over a padded leather cap. In order not to obscure his vision, his hair is braided at each temple. A cloak of heavy wool blows in the wind while pinned at the shoulder with an elaborate broach leaving his sword arm free.

My warrior, hold the famous Viking sword. It has heavy, decorated pommel with a three foot Damascus double edged blade with full length fuller. From his belt hangs his fighting dagger and famous fighting ax. In his left hand he holds his battle shield of iron reinforced linden wood which is three feet in diameter and protects him from chin to knee. An iron boss protects his hand at the handle.

I’ve placed the Viking on a pebble beach looking across the surf out to the sea, symbolic of his passion for voyaging abroad. All dimensions and shapes of the helmet, dagger, sword, shield, chain mail, and broach were taken from actual artifacts from burial sites."

- Deborah Copenhaver-Fellows, NSS

Deborah Copenhaver-Fellows - The Viking
Deborah Copenhaver-Fellows - The Viking
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